F365: Fearless to Laugh and Laugh Again

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It really is the best medicine. And sometimes, you simply need to make the time to laugh. 

Yes, I realize there are catastrophic events happening in our world. And I'm not saying that we should stick our heads in the sand and ignore it. But by the same token, we should not submerge our hearts and minds so deeply in the quagmire of bad news that we feel like we are drowning. It's not good for our souls, and it certainly does not help us to be alert and open to hear the voice of God about how each of us is to do our part to be a positive influence in those areas we can affect. 

God is God, and He has been doing that for a very long time. He has enormous enough shoulders to bear the burdens of the world. We, on the other hand, do not. We simply need to trust and allow Him to work through us to do what we can...and then trust Him to do the rest.

So I challenge you right now to take a few minutes and recharge yourself. Clear your mind, and decide you are going to refresh your soul with laughter. One of my favorite comedians is Tim Hawkins, and I'm going to give you several videos below to watch. 

Unplug....and LAUGH....It really is the best medicine!

Posted on September 7, 2017 and filed under Fearless 365.