Hi! I’m Molly...

...and I adore words. Writing them. Talking them. Singing them (at the top of my lungs). Sparring, researching, and teaching them. Kinda makes sense why I’ve spent the last 15 years writing plays, comedies, books, novels, and screenplays, huh? My husband calls me his “Favorite Word-Herder.”

But what I love most about words is their exquisite ability to inspire hope, transmit love and ignite encouragement to others. Just a word can change our outlook on life, or kick us in the pants to get started…again. And let’s be honest: we all need more of that. Sometimes this earth walk can feel more like a heavy dirge than a light-hearted skip, and we need someone to come alongside and help us refocus and reenergize. 

I’d like to be one of those voices for you. To cheer you on. To help you face your fears. To become ALL that God has created you to be. Let’s link arms and march through this thing called Life with our swords in hand and a shout of victory on our lips.

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