F365: Fearless to GEAUX CAJUN!

The CAJUN NAVY to the rescue!

The CAJUN NAVY to the rescue!

The Cajun Navy

These guys are some of the best. Here is their mission: "We, the people of Louisiana, refuse to stand by and wait for help in the wake of disasters. We rise up and unite and rescue our neighbors!" Just as these brave and generous Cajuns were quick responders to the past hurricane floodings in their own state, they were first to discharge their fleet to help their Texan neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

"We rise up." Not satisfied to sit on their couches and watch updates on the news, these Cajuns took action. Many had jobs and families of their own, and probably many things to do. But they cleared their schedules, packed their supplies in their trucks and boats, and immediately drove west to Houston.

"We unite." Before leaving, hundreds of these volunteers met to strategize their plans of attack. After putting out a call to their Louisiana communities, the Cajun Navy received tons of donated Costco supplies so they would be able to offer both help and provision to the flooded Texans. 

"We rescue." And rescue, they did. By a simple Google search, you can read the many, many stories where this fleet of boats literally saved drowning people and pets, and helped rescue countless others as they drove their boats through the floods. Here are some pictures (and there is a great link for a video at the bottom of this post.)

Trucks and boats as far as the eye can see making their way to Houston

Trucks and boats as far as the eye can see making their way to Houston

Look at all those boats!

Look at all those boats!

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.20.43 PM.png

The Cajun Navy is what America is all about. No matter how divided we might allow ourselves to get over religion, politics, and social issues, whenever there is crisis, we drop those petty arguments and reach over to offer help in time of need. This is who we are. It's in the very fabric of Old Glory. 'Merica.

I can guarantee no person floating in that mucky water was asking their rescuers who they voted for in the 2016 election before allowing them to save their life. Nobody was requesting to help only those who believed in the same God as they did...there was simply love, unification, sacrifice, and rescue.

So here's my challenge for us all...Why wait until a disaster to put aside our schedules, our comfort, our agendas, and our arguments to pack up our boats and help our neighbors?

The Fearless 365 Week Twenty-Four Challenge: FEARLESS TO GEAUX CAJUN! Let's be the Cajun Navy to our churches, schools, communities, and neighborhoods. Let's rise, unite, and rescue. TODAY.

I challenge us all to open up our eyes and look around. Ask God to show you what He sees: the lost and hurting who hide behind shiny, happy faces. The neighbor who is drowning in depression. The friend who is starving for hope. The co-worker who is wading through financial pressure. And let's be ready at a moment's notice to hitch up our boats--no matter the time or place-- and offer them the love, support, and encouragement they desperately need. 

I don't want to wait for a disaster to be the hands and feet of Jesus. God, please use me today. Holy Spirit, give me your sensitivity and generosity to reach out. I give you permission to interrupt my life so that I can change the life of another person...TODAY.

Readers, are you with me?

Then, let's GEAUX to it!!

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Here is a great video about the Cajun Navy: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/cajun-navy-races-from-louisiana-to-texas-using-boats-to-pay-it-forward/2017/08/28

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