F365: Fearless to Release it ALL

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It’s what my best friends call me. Molly + Google. You see, I like to know things. As far as I’m concerned, if there is information out there to be had, well then, I gotta go searching for it. Need to know the weather in Paris during July? I got you. Or the best home remedy for oily hair? Easy peasy. You need a name but don’t think I can find it because the only lead you have is ‘the guy who did that one thing a while back?’ Don’t insult me. I can find any info needle in the internet haystack.

Molly + Google sittin’ in a tree…S-U-R-F-I-N-G

Knowledge is power, and I’m a little OCD about it. I love to consume it, and even more, to share it. Not surprising I’m a teacher, huh? My mom tells a fun story about how I hijacked my 1st grade teacher and took over the class just so I could share some interesting data…but I’ll save that for another blog.

Conversely, when there is information that I know is out there, but for some reason it’s out of my reach, let’s just say, I start to get a little fidgety. Maybe a tad bit anxious. OK, a lot obsessive about how I can possibly resolve the gnawing feeling of uncertainty resonating from the core of my soul. I know…I got issues.

These need-to-know tendencies of mine aren’t helpful as I strive to live a life of faith. And they certainly dampen my journey along the Fearless 365 Campaign. It’s hard to live fearless in a life filled with countless unanswered questions.

Unfortunately, our God is not big on details, either. Here’s a classic God scenario: “Hey, Abraham, pack up your family, leave your community, and start trekkin through the desert. I’ll let you know when you get there.” WHAT? I’d be like: How many tunics do I need to take? Will we be doing any fine dining? How many pairs of sandals should I bring? But not Abe. He just believed in this God who spoke and obeyed! No wonder he is called “the Father of our Faith.”

But perhaps Abraham’s Olympic gold medal of faith moment was when he hiked up Mount Moriah with his only son of promise. God tests His covenant with Abraham by asking him to sacrifice Isaac on a mountaintop altar. I will spare you all the theological metaphors and Messianic covenant significances (even though my Moogle-self is dying to make this blog an opus), and will suffice to say: What in the heck was Abraham thinking?! There is not ONE QUESTION listed in the Bible that he asked as a possible Plan B, or even for a repeat of God’s request, just to make absolutely certain he’d heard Him accurately. Father Abraham just got up at dawn and set out to climb that mountain.

And when he got to the top, he was ALL IN. Knowing Isaac was his ONLY ticket to fulfilling his destiny as the “Father of Nations,” Abraham bound him up and lifted his blade to make the ultimate sacrifice for his God. Complete and utter trust. I stand in awe.

Sure enough, God—who can never go back on His promises—stopped Abraham just in time and provided another sacrifice. Abraham got his son, his ridiculously enormous legacy, and through him all nations of the earth are still being blessed.

I tell you this particular story because recently, God has asked my husband and me to put our lives on the altar of sacrifice. All of our dreams, all of our plans, even those things we thought He would never ask us to change, we feel Him asking us to offer them up to Him. It’s not that I think He’s going to change everything, but I feel like He’s helping us to see what areas we are grasping on to as opposed to fully trusting in Him. I’m not going to lie…it’s scary. And freeing. And exciting. And uncertain. Moogle’s knees are wobbling a bit…

We know God is about to birth something new in our lives, but we aren’t sure what exactly what that "new" thing is. However, I feel led to share this now, before the testimony, because I sense in the Spirit there are some of you reading this who also need to be encouraged to step out in faith. If you feel God niggling in your heart to dream bigger, to move forward, and to take risks…let me assure you, He is to be trusted! He will never lead you up a path He has not prepared especially for your victory!

The Fearless 365 Week Eleven Challenge: Release it ALL...Put It ALL On the Altar. Take some time this week to sit quietly with God and ask Him if there are any areas in your life that need to be pruned. Or reorganized. Or expanded. Or removed. Seriously…put everything out there!

As I have been doing this, here’s what I’m finding: those areas that are still being fueled by the Spirit of God are now being rooted even more deeply, and those areas that I’ve been holding on to simply because I’ve been afraid to let them go…they are being released. My trust in God is growing, and without having any answers at all, my expectation for an explosive new season is brimming. And that is a miracle in itself!

Come on, take the leap with me! Stop hanging on to what you know at the risk of missing out on God’s uncharted blessings for your life. Our best adventures are yet to come, but we are going to need faith like Abraham to pursue them. Let's be fearless to trust God and take Him at His Word, "for no Word from God will ever fail." (Luke 1:37)

I'd LOVE to be praying for you. Please reach out and send me your prayer requests so that we can be in agreement together! xo, Molly


Posted on April 18, 2017 and filed under Fearless 365.