F365: Fearless to Live in FREEDOM

241 years ago…

In the sweltering Philadelphia heat, over 50 men from the American colonies fearlessly debated an idea. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom to choose their political leaders. Freedom to design both the destiny of this great nation and their own pursuits of happiness. Freedom to think for themselves. Freedom to claim equality for all men and women.

This idea was a double-edged sword. While it promised hope and a future where anything would be possible, dreadfulness and solemnity hung in the air because its fulfillment would not come without a great price. Of blood. Of extreme hardship. Of torture. Of tens of thousands of lives.

Freedom is never free.

Over the next 241 years, our nation has seen many more wars and atrocities as the enemies of Freedom have attacked, threatening to stifle her power, to squeeze the very life from her sea-to-shining-sea reach. And men and women have consistently and courageously risen up, resolved to never allow these enemies to pillage Freedom from our midst. 

Freedom is never free.

Over 2000 years ago…

In excruciating pain, one man from Nazareth writhed on a bloody cross, yet filled with a joy of an idea. Freedom from tyranny for mankind. Freedom for us to choose intimacy with the One who created us. Freedom to experience a destiny beyond what could be thought of or imagined. Freedom to identify as sons and daughters of the Most High God. Freedom to be lavishly loved and known by Him.

But this Freedom is also a double-edged sword because for every person who embraces this gift of Life, it means a death. A loss of a lower life to gain a higher one. A crucifixion of the old way of thinking and behaving so that the Holy Spirit can rule and reign through our minds and hearts. A surrender of control and self-reliance for a life of submission and a pursuit of faith.

Freedom is never free.

But it is always….



                                                                  Worth the Sacrifice.

The Fearless 365 Week Seventeen Challenge: BE FEARLESS TO LIVE IN FREEDOM. Let’s live a life worthy of the Ultimate Sacrifice that has been offered for us to walk every day in freedom. Freedom from fear, from hopelessness, from a lack of destiny and purpose, from depression and anxiety, from poverty in our souls, from sickness and emotional torment. But these freedom realities must be battled for.

Just as our forefathers fought and sacrificed for this great nation to experience the freedoms we are still enjoying today, you and I must fearlessly fight to live in the spiritual freedoms Jesus Christ obtained for us. 

Let’s fight for the freedom of forgiveness, even toward those who have abused us or treated us unfairly. Let’s sacrifice for the freedom of selflessness, even when it’s inconvenient and painful. Let's pursue the freedom of God's love as we strive to see all people as God sees them, not as their lifestyle, political views or belief systems dictate. Let’s press in to the freedom of faith when God is asking us to step out, regardless how impossible the task might seem.

These Freedoms are never free…but they are always worth the sacrifice.

As we celebrate this Independence Day from the bonds of natural tyranny, let us never forget that the only TRUE FREEDOM any man or woman can possess came from our Champion and King, Jesus. Through Christ, we are privileged to walk as conquerors on this earth as ambassadors of God…Bringing the Kingdom of God to our neighborhoods and nations through our hearts, hands and mouths…Loving people and leading them to Christ…Plundering hell and Populating heaven!

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