2nd Edition of CAGED NO MORE Now Available - Jan. 4 Only $2.99 on Amazon

Molly Venzke, Author of Caged No More

It's Here! The 2nd Edition of CAGED NO MORE has arrived.


caged no more movie releases January 22, 2016
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“When I first finished this book, I instantly went online to determine how quickly I could get the next books in the trilogy. It was not just a page turner, but an eye opener as well. In fact, I consider its message so important to young people that I bought a dozen copies and started a book club with my 10th grade students. Because the reviews from the students were so positive, I knew it couldn’t be a one-time opportunity. I’ve now shared this book with over 300 students, and it is a highlight of the course. We could spend HOURS talking about the plot and how human trafficking is a REAL problem TODAY. It has brought so much needed awareness into our small Minnesota community, and I recommend it with 100% confidence to not only my students but my family and friends as well. A 2016 MUST READ!”
— Terri B.

“Superb! I couldn’t put it down! The characters were well developed and engaging. The storyline was suspenseful and realistic. This book sheds light on a horrific situation around the globe and in our own back yards. Great and worthwhile read!”
— Kelly

“I simply couldn’t put this book down! The characters are developed so vividly, so fully that there are some that I would really like to meet and sit a spell with and then there is Jack who is just despicable. I cannot wait to read the next book—it can’t be published soon enough! I am so impressed with the amount of research that went into preparing this novel—it is fiction, but based on the very real and underexposed world of sex trafficking. Congratulations to Molly Venzke for focusing light on it so dramatically and so vividly.”
— Cheryl
Posted on January 4, 2016 .